Testimonials and Sightings

I love my LoopEride Town Cruiser! It makes my daily commute a breeze while getting a good workout. It cruises along- even hauling trailers of plant starts and Where It’s At! Mindful Food & Drinks all around our town! Reasonably priced and well made, this bike is Awesome.

Willow – Kenai

I just crossed the 100 mi mark today and I’m looking forward to many more. Since getting this bike I have explored so many new places, for example I have lived near a lake for the past five years and through riding around my neighborhood I discovered a trail with public access I would have never had known about otherwise. I get to ride around with my toddler, he is always so excited to go on a “adventure” with me. It really has changed my life for the better thank you guys so much! Now just to get one for my wife so we can all ride as a family.

-Erik (Kachemak Cruiser Plus)
Our trip went great. Came back with an Elk and three deer. Also an itch to continue riding bikes.
Eric - Kodiak (Wolverine 600)

“Love the bike” ~ Emilie, Homer (Kachemak Cruiser Plus)

“She looooooves it!” ~ Ryan, Soldotna (Fox 750)

I appreciate the prompt service … not everyone may give that kind of service ~ **, Homer

“So far all is working well and the VSETT 10+ is a huge upgrade from my Zero 9 and Zero 10” “I look forward to doing more business with you” M***, Anchorage

Dude that scooter I got is a beast! Love it!!! I want to get the 9s for my son. D** Eagle River (Zero 10X)

“Dale, it is awesomeness!!! It’s honestly the same speed as the 10x with him on it but I’m also like 100 lbs heavier. So It hits about 32 mph maybe a little more. The battery lasts longer than the 10x. Big difference in the 10x is with the suspension though. If you are riding sidewalks or streets id go with the 9+. If you are going to be on trails at all the 10x suspension is money. With the big hills around my house I’d say go with the dual motor because it really keeps your speed and can accelerate up hill. But the 9+…. It’s awesome!!! I’m sooo glad I went with the 9+ over the 9… Oh the disk breaks on the 9+ work amazing. Oh one more like about the 9+ Was the clamp on the stem. It’s awesome!! So much easier than the 10x. It also has turn signals and a built in and a horn which are really cool. D** Eagle River (VSETT 9+)

It’s F**king Awesome, ride it all the time, and T** rides hers all the time too! Y** Homer (Town Cruiser)

Lynx on St Paul Island. Courtesy of James Simeonoff @ TDX Wind Power

“the bike has been running flawlessly!” Skyler- Lynx 750

“I’ve been having fun with my cruiser… Really enjoying the bike overall. It is much easier to operate than I expected, easier to pedal when the motor is not operating than I expected also” Allen – Kachemak cruiser

“This bike is absolutely wonderful> especially on snow pack days we have plenty of” Marc – Wolverine 1000 Dual Motor


“I have to say that I absolutely love this bike. It’s much bigger than I thought. I have a smaller folding e bike in Washington. I never felt comfortable on the bike. Either riding or handling. The bike you sent me handles like a Cadillac. Smooth. Corners well. Handles gravel and bumps with ease. Best overall bike I’ve ever ridden. During the day while I’m out chasing whales. My boss uses it to go from dock to dock. He loves it as well… great product. Great price. I’m very happy. Thank you so much for your help in getting the bike to Hoonah…” ~John, Kachemak Cruiser Plus

“Thank you Dale! Love it.” ~Kevin, Kachemak Cruiser Plus

“Just wanted to let you know- loving the bikes. Put in 14 miles yesterday. So much fun… Loving them. Wife loves hers. Appreciate all your help.” ~ Chris, Sly Fox

“10/10 customer service on the sale and warranty! Good deal on the electric scooter and have been treated great on the warranty claims. I would definitely shop here again if i choose to upgrade.” Robert, VSETT 9+

Hi Dale,

Just wanted to write again with a brief thank you for your help in my e-bike purchase. It’s proving its worth here in the Fairbanks winters! I’m able to pull off my 5 mile work commute on both winter trails and icy pavement easily (after adding some studded tires), and even in the winter it’s still eating the hills for breakfast. We’ve saved a ton of money on gas, enough that it’ll have paid for itself before too much longer. My wife has been impressed so much by it that she’s considering getting an e-bike, as well!

I’ve included a photo of the bike with my usual commuting gear in front of the rocket that’s mounted by my work.

Thanks again!