Talaria Sting

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DNM fork is included


STING is powered by an impressive 60V 38Ah lithium-ion power pack, which is 2280 watt-hours, and easily swappable. The power packs can be exchanged with another fully charged power pack in seconds for limitless range. With electric automobile grade LG 21700 lithium-ion battery cells, state of the art programmed BMS, and optimized internal structure, this battery pack is enabled to ensure the bike brings you safe, hi performance off-road riding.


With the high-quality appropriative hardware, superb layout, and ingenious programming, the controller is enabled to have an extraordinary ability for transient current impact resistance, ultra strong anti – interference, high-precision EABS voltage and discharge current control, error inspection, high and low temperature protection, anti-runaway, and smart energy regeneration. This guarantees to bring the rider a powerful, exciting, and safe riding experience with a respectable range.


The dash features a high-contrast OLED display, this will offer riders a clear data display with low power consumption. With CAN communication, the dash is available to have data transfer with the battery pack’s BMS and the motor controller. The display menu provides a range of information, which include top/average speed, range, battery data, riding mode, error codes, regen level and more. The dash is also adjustable to allow different settings for different wheel size, sprocket size, motor regen levels, and change between KM/H and MPH to enhance the compatibility of the bike.


The customized combination powertrain design is just perfect for the light weight electric MX bike. The high efficiency brushless permanent magnet synchronous mid-drive motor, with top-class magnet material and advanced processing, is available to output 34N.m peak torque, as well as to have 284N.m peak torque to the rear wheel. With exquisitely crafted high accuracy gears, the gearbox runs even quieter and is much more durable than any belt drive systems. It’s time to say goodbye to that broken belt anxiety.




Chassis Material 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Allow

Process Method Forged by 6000 Tons Pressure

Surface Method Anodizing 

Headlight LED

Front Fork DNM

Rear Shock Fastace / DNM

Wheel Size 19″

Tire FR 70/100-19  /  RR 80/100-19

Max. Range 100 km @ 32 Km/h

Net Weight 63 Kg (Including Battery)

Vehicle Dimension 1850mm x 770mm x 1075mm

Seat Height 870mm

Wheelbase 1225mm

Handlebar Lenghth 760mm

Ground Clearance 280mm


Motor type LPMSM 

Mounting Position Middle of the Frame

Weight 7.0 kg

Motor Ext. Diameter 180mm

Peak Efficiency 92%

Cooling Method Air Cooled


Controller Type FOC

Weight 2KG

Dimension 248mm x 128mm x 50mm

Peak Efficiency 92%

Highest Work Temp 100C


Nominal Voltage 60v

Nominal Power 3000w

Peak Power 6000w

Nominal Torque 5.7NM

Peak Torque 34NM

Rear Wheel Torque 284NM (44T Sprocket) 309NM (48T Sprocket)


Gear Ratio 8.35 (44T), 9.18 (48T)

1st Transmission Gearbox

2nd Transmission Chain


Battery Pack 60V 38.4AH

Battery Size 170mm x 140mm x 380mm

Battery Weight 12.85 KG

Battery Cells LG Brand 21700 Cell (5000 MAH/Cell)

Speedometer Speed / Battery Level, Voltage, cycle / Odometer

Regen Adjustement 4 Levels Adjustable in the Speedometer

Sting SX Snowbike Kit ETA November!

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